Tips On How To Help That Special Girl In Your Life With Self Esteem

* Many of us struggle with maintaining a healthy amount of self esteem because sometime down the road you will need to hold onto it the most. People will tell you that you’re ugly, that you’re not good enough, and put images in your head that you have to look a certain way to be loved. If you’re a mother, grandmother, sister or peer you know how heartbreaking it is to see that special girl in your life belittle themselves right in front of you. Today I want to tell you how to be able to help with this. These are things I wish I my mother would have done for me, but I can’t change that. I can only be apart of the change for girls now.*

Tape Her Favorite Quote, Poem, or Bible Scripture To Her Mirror

This is something that I do now to make me feel great when I look in the mirror. Taping a quote or poem on the corner of a mirror can help make that special girl in your life take in a fresh breath of positivity before getting the day started. This helps build confidence because seeing words that make you feel good can help build a smile that no one can mimic. I feel that when you look at something beautiful, you will feel beautiful. I have a stanza of Maya Angelou’s poem “Phenomenal Woman” taped in the corner of my mirror, I specifically chose this poem because it is one of my favorite poems and when I read it I feel empowered. I really do feel like a phenomenal woman. Looking in the mirror isn’t a nightmare for me because when I read that stanza I turn into the phenomenal woman that I see instead of looking at a woman who sees nothing, but flaws. No matter what age your special girl is, practicing it now can help nourish their self esteem.

Leave Handwritten Notes

Yeah texting is great, but it means a lot more when you take the time to write a lovely handwritten note for your special girl. Waking up to something encouraging can also help get great start on a day and make that person feel special. I know that you can tell someone that they are beautiful a thousand times a day and that won’t make them believe it, but the effort can help that person discover what you see in them. For many people it takes time to find true value within themselves and that’s okay. The sooner the better. Mom’s and Dad’s why won’t you make your little girl feel special with a note that she can wake up to? Tell her how much you admire her, how proud you are of her, and what you love about her. Your bound to make a day at school a breeze.

Gift Her Self Portrait

A unique way to help grow the roots of self esteem is gifting the special girl in your life a beautiful self portrait. For those who draw, paint, or sculpt this is is the perfect opportunity to make her feel special. Seeing yourself as a beautiful work of art can help her outline the beauty that is within her and out. She is much more than a pretty face, she is a masterpiece.

Give Great Advice When It’s Needed

We live in a time where bullying is getting worse every single day. It is important that you show your special girl how much she matters. You ge up in the morning and take your child to school, thinking that he/she is safe and it turns out they could be facing physical and mental abuse when you’re not around. It is scary as hell. Imagine her coming home with tears in her eyes from a long day at school filled with horrific events. Giving good advice can help her stand up for herself when it comes to sticky situations. Knowing that she can handle an obstacle will grow the self esteem that no bully can shake.


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