My Message To Educators

To all of the teachers, professors, tutors, online educators, and parents at home teaching their children. I would like to give you a huge thank you. My sincere gratitude goes to those who spend long nights and early mornings to build a better future. Some go the extra mile just to make sure that the goal of learning is being achieved. Not many of us have the patience, time, and courage to go through what an educator has to go through in one day especially not dealing with other people’s kids and coming home to deal with your own. Educators deal with bad attitudes, angry parents, bullies, misbehavior, fights, and being made fun of. They have to wake up and start all over again like yesterday didn’t happen. They are responsible for what happens once kids walk through those doors and some kids carry the pain from home. School facilities should be lucky if they employ educators that actually care. I know I’ve had my fair share of good and bad educators, but it’s still a job that not everyone can do and I was blessed enough to have some throughout my lifetime that cared about my education just as much as I do. I went through a lot at home, but I tried my best to brush it off to create a better life. When I became overwhelmed with my studies, working a job, and being on a academic team while not being able to make it to school on time, I had someone there for me. I had teachers rooting for me to win and pushing me to live up to my fullest potential. Sometimes I couldn’t make it to my first hour class, but my history teacher would stay after school to give me quizzes, homework, and notes while she had to go home to the love of her life who was very sick. I could see the worry on her face and I appreciated her even more for what she has done for me. There are teachers that are going above and beyond their job description yet, they aren’t being paid there actual value. Some teachers come out of pocket to make sure kids eat or to reward the progress being made in the classroom. The bottom line is you educators are important just as much as the students. School is supposed to be a safe place to learn. I can’t possibly say I know how educators and parents feel, but it is hard to stomach being scared to go to work. Being scared to take your kid to school. Not everyone can stay at home to homeschool their child because they have to work to make ends meet. Schools should be protected not neglected and if violence solved the world’s problems then why do we have an abundant amount of them? Knowledge is power not fear. Educators, students, and parents shouldn’t have to fear achieving the goal that is giving and receiving an education, but reality shows different. For that I seek a change. That schools will be safe for children and educators.


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