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My favorite color is purple. I talk a lot when I'm tired. Spaghetti makes me happy. I say weird things most of  the time. I don't like getting any grade less than a B. I LOVE FAMILY. I Love writing. I love reading. I love math class. I love soccer. I love wrestling. My favorite... Continue Reading →

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Maya Angelou is one of the greatest poets in history. Her voice inspired others to fight through the tough times and claim victory despiste ethnic backgrounds, skin colors, and gender. Out of her eighty-six years of life she has gifted the world the art of literature through poetry, movies, plays, books, and appearances. Angelou’s stand... Continue Reading →

I know that in this day in age it is more common to see interracial couples together since we’re in 2018 now, but some people still frown upon two different races being together and that’s fine. We don’t live to be accepted, we love. I’ve heard many different stories from interracial couples, but I didn’t... Continue Reading →

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