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My favorite color is purple. I talk a lot when I'm tired. Spaghetti makes me happy. I say weird things most of¬† the time. I don't like getting any grade less than a B. I LOVE FAMILY. I Love writing. I love reading. I love math class. I love soccer. I love wrestling. My favorite... Continue Reading →

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  Drink lots of water to keep a strong immune system. Don't forget your hat, scarf, and glove. Wear fleece instead of cotton. Don't be afraid to add layers to your clothing. Drink herbal to teas to fight back infection (Goldenseal is my must have in the winter). Wash your hand often. Avoid the sickies.... Continue Reading →

  Always, Always, Always treat your lady with respect in front of your family and of course away from the family.(Holding doors open, pull the chair out,¬†giving compliments, embracing her etc.) Give a great impression on the parents and grandparents first. The men in the family do not play when it comes to the girls... Continue Reading →

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