Self Love Challenge (I LOVE ME)



I love my curves
I love my smile
I love my laugh
I love my difference
I love my imperfections
I love very ounce
I love every pound
I love every fiber
I love me❤


I’m starting the Self Love Challenge , share your self love appreciation photos #iloveme




Why I Don’t Like School Fights



For me to be a huge wrestling fan, I think it’s weird and good that I’m not a fan of school fights. people will tell me that wrestling is fake and school fights are real. I think that’s the problem, they are just too real. You have to think about that person actually getting hurt, bleeding and possibly dying. Usually when someone is ready to fight it is all about causing pain to the opponent, but I just don’t like it. Recording videos just really get to me as well because this is what people think is “cool”. Growing up and getting over the small things that people fight over is just too difficult the best route is to fight right? Let the entire school know that you beat up so and so and that you could be next right? Recording this fight is more important than anything right now because I have to see it on Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram. Everyone must know how much I humiliated this person in front of a crowd of people.

I guess I hate school fights because I’m not with the hype, I don’t get a kick out of them at all so for me to watch them would just be pointless. The funny thing is that every time a fight broke out at my school, I was never around. Someone would run up to me and say “Girl did you just see that fight” and I would always never see it. It was weirdly satisfying on my end to never be put in that position. Another reason why I don’t like fights is because you don’t know what could happen. Some parents like to fight too so for their kids to do it, it’s considered okay to come home and brag about a big win. They don’t think about their child never coming home or never breathing again because of something stupid


Amy Anita Joyner was a victim in a bathroom fight at school that she originally tried to make peace with her peers, but you know that was too difficult, right? Let’s be irrational, I don’t want to compromise I want to knock your head off. That young girl lost her life over something so stupid. No matter what I can never get that image of Amy being on her knees in desperation for help, it is truly heartbreaking. She isn’t the only one though, Young Serena Mckay was also a victim in a brutal fight. I didn’t get a chance to see the story on the news. One day I was just scrolling down my Facebook timeline and someone shared a video of this poor girl getting stepped on and another girl screaming at her making threats. It’s not entertaining to me, I actually cried. It wasn’t at school, but this just gives you an idea of what is poisoning our youth.


Imagine yourself being at home or at work and you get a call from your child’s school to be notified that they were fighting. You come home to your child being unrecognizable because of the bruises and wounds from a fight. What if you get the bad news “You’re child died during a school fight” or “Your child is in critical condition because of a fight that happened at school. Things like this are what cause a lot of teens to be home-schooled because there is no guarantee that a school is a safe place anymore. Anything can happen outside of school, at work, at a stop sign, and anywhere else, but how we handle our battles] defines who we truly are. Fighting is not the answer to every social conflict, but pride in protecting each other in a healthy way is the real deal.


Why I Believe Parents SHOULDN’T Tell Their Children Not To Have Sex



As the child, I know you can’t really control how your parent will give you “The talk’ and by “The talk” I mean about sex. It’s a very touchy and uncomfortable subject to talk about with a child, but the awareness must be known. My problem comes in when parents tell their children not to have sex at all. Let me bring that back for you “At all”. Teenagers usually get “The Talk” around 12 or 13, but some parents wait until they feel like it is right to do so. Now I’m not saying that I think it’s wrong to tell your child to not have sex at ages like 12-16 because that’s young and I’m pretty sure they should be doing other things besides worrying about that in that age range. When they are in the upper ages like 16-18 I just don’t like it when they say “Just don’t do it”. Hearing that line and not knowing enough information about sex can lead to some struggles.


I know what you’re thinking “Well that’s why sex ed is being taught in health class, to make our kids aware of what’s going on”. Oh yeah, well guess what? The school just took a little load off of you, they aren’t responsible for your child’s health and what they do outside of those doubled doors, you are. If you haven’t noticed some teens are rebellious so your “Just don’t do it” doesn’t mean a darn thing, that is a motive.


My mother was strict on me and it didn’t really help. Even though I never got pregnant or engage in intercourse, it wasn’t her teachings that made me this way. Her being strict on me only built taller walls, a bad relationship, and fear. It was the littlest things that would just make me upset like being around a boy or talking to one would make me a “fast little girl”. It was more of a shameful treatment and she isn’t religious either, so I would be scared to be around a boy in front of her for longer than 5 minutes. I actually didn’t get my first boyfriend until my sophomore year of high school.

My first relationship lasted 3 months and I was young so you know I had to be girly about it. I told my mom about me having a boyfriend which was okay because she told me I can date when I’m sixteen. She played it off pretty cool, but then I regretted ever telling her because If I did something wrong she would always say “You f***ing up because of your too busy worried about boys. He would have no absolute relevance to what was going on, but she kept saying it and just made me not want to be in a relationship. I did excellent my sophomore year, but I came home to taunting. Yes, my mother was one of those “Just don’t do it” mothers and I didn’t do it, but not because she told me not to.

I didn’t because watched my mother get treated horribly by men as a child and I didn’t want that life anymore. It was a life I was trying to run from and so I wrote in my journal that I would save myself for one person and one person only. I only want to give my heart and body to one man, whether that marriage lasts long or not I will never know, but at least I will know that I stood my grounds and that there is someone for everyone.
Some parents act like sex isn’t natural hints the phrase “Just don’t do it”. I can understand “Just don’t do it in the house that I pay the bills for” because to me that’s disrespectful. When you say “Just don’t do it” and you put fear into your child your just setting yourself up. They will find out what they need to find out without you knowing. Because you can’t have a normal conversation, give condoms, and birth control, it’s a possibility that you will see the day your child comes crying to you with a test.

All of us have hormones and urges, you can’t just ignore that fact. If you did your part, you told your child the options, and let them know that you are there for them when they are ready then I give my respect to you. Whether your child listens or not is up to them. I really wish my mother would have given me the talk and how to go about things even though it’s not one of my worries now, I just really would have appreciated the fact that she cared about me that much to help. You can’t choose your parents and you can’t choose the deliverance.


“Just don’t do it” could be “Just don’t do it in the house that I pay bills for”
“Just don’t do it” could be “Just be safe”
“Just don’t do it” could be “Just inform me when you’re ready”
“Just don’t do it” could be “Just go to the doctor’s office before and after”
“Just don’t do it” could be “Just remember to stay focused on your future”.


5 Survival Tips For High School Seniors

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Good afternoon everyone summer is coming to an end and that means back to school! Time for another year and opportunity to get educated yay! I thought long and hard about my high school experience and decided to share my tips to help you get through those tough times. If you’re a high school senior or if you’re the parent of a senior please listen up.


I know being a senior is super exciting because you’re a part of a huge leadership in your school. You’re considered one of the big dogs in the building, but please don’t take it for granted. Senioritis is bound to hit you probably in the middle of the school year or close to the end. If you’re not really passionate about school, you will just stop caring and your grades could possibly fall apart. Keep in mind that your cumulative GPA can make or break you in terms of scholarships, college acceptance, and a clean academic profile, so don’t slack.

Hints the word “try”, I know I can’t give too much advice on this because I know my attendance record was horrible. I could make a storm with tardy slips (Kids don’t try this at home). It was pretty sad and devastating on end because my poor attendance made me have to work ten times harder than anyone else. After school, I went straight to work, and after work, I would come home clean up, shower, do homework and study. Most of my nights I didn’t go to sleep at all because I had to be at the bus stop at 5 am and my study sessions and homework would last until 3 or 4 a.m. I don’t want you to have all of that stress on yourself because it was physically and mentally draining for me, so If you can make it easy on yourself please do so.


I will do my best to explain because I’m not too heavy on knowledge in this area, mainly because in High School I didn’t mess with anyone. I had a few people that I considered very good friends and my forensics family, but I don’t like the idea of having a lot of friends. To me, it’s just too much to deal with and too many different personalities. If you’re more social than I am, then I suggest that you just keep a healthy social life. By that, I mean surrounding yourself with people who have the same mindset as you, will do good by you, and will not try to get you into any trouble. When it comes to relationships I know sometimes we don’t make the best decisions, but that’s life and so I can only wish you the best of luck and hope that you love yourself enough to surround yourself with people that love you too.

The beginning of my senior I begin to scholarship hunting so that I can already have some money to my name for the college. My advice would be to s scholarship hunt as soon as possible because they come and go quickly. Do your research and see what’s available to you know matter what your academic profile is looking like at the moment. Academic and Athletic scholarships are usually big depending on who is sponsoring them and the amount of money given away, but there are also scholarships that you can gain from art, writing an essay, or even being left handed! I’m pretty sure that your counselors and principal will hound you about completing your FASFA unless they really don’t care. I do care and that’s why I will tell you to make sure that form is completed as soon as possible so that you won’t be left with lesser money. I filled mine out early December just get it out of the way, but trust me it is a great relief when you don’t have to worry about it. We had FASFA Nights at my school to inform parents and students about the FASFA and how to fill it out. If you’re willing to take the initiative on your own, plan an FASFA date with your parents and make it fun while you’re at it. Have dinner, breakfast, coffee, maybe reward yourself after you’re done with a family game of mini golf, bowling, or competitive laser tag! I’m just throwing it out there.


I know sometimes we slip up and do things without thinking about the aftermath, but during this last year lets not have too many slip ups. By now you should have some type of idea but what you want to do with your life which could be getting your dream job, going to trading school or college. Your high school reputation carries a lot of weight so it important to maintain a good image within your school and outside of your school because you never know who’s watching. What you say or do can tarnish something that could help you out in many ways. If you’re being a full-time butthole in class, when you ask your teachers for recommendation letters they’re not going to want to give it to you. Some may say winning school fights earn you the upmost respect, but in my eyes, I think it’s pretty stupid. It’s going to be on your school record, you’re old enough to actually deal with the law enforcement on a more serious matter, and most importantly the kids you go to school with won’t be paying for your tuition or write any checks. I understand in a lot of cases students are put in a situation when they have no choice but to defend themselves, but if you really don’t have to, don’t engage in that stuff. Save the drama for Drama club if you really want to act up in school. What you do now, tomorrow, and next year matters. It all matters!
Even though you may not like what I have to say, I hope I was able to help because I truly care about the generation ahead. I won’t be here forever so I’m making my mark. Just take care of yourself with much love.


College Jitters

This is the moment I’ve been waiting for since ninth grade, but I’m just super shocked how fast those 4 years went by. It’s truly amazing, I’m blessed enough to start college this month. Not only that, but I will be 19 August 24th (I know I’m getting old haha).  With all of these amazing things happening in one month I can only thank god and reflect. I had this blog since I was sixteen years old and here I am continuing with a new chapter in my life. For those who don’t know I got accepted into my dream school which is Purdue University, but unfortunately, I can’t afford to go at the moment. While I put Purdue on pause, I will be studying Communications at Oakland Community College for two years. In those two years, I will continue to bust my behind like I had to do in high school, continue to apply for scholarships, and make my academic profile something to be proud of. Knowing that I have the option to attend Purdue makes me feel powerful in many ways because my dream has come true and eventually I will be able to live that dream. These pesky jitters are just worries and I know I will eventually get over it. I know College life is a lot different than High Schools, but I believe I can get through these four years. Wish me luck and thank you for growing up with me.


It’s Okay To Be Weird

SELF IMAGE POSTER 7  I want you to know that this isn’t a stamp of approval, in fact, you don’t need anyone’s approval for being yourself. I believe in today’s society people act on things in search of other people’s approval. For example, trending things like how we take pictures and videos, you may do it like everyone else in search of a reaction that is welcoming. I’m telling you the bandwagon is a wagon you don’t have to ride in. There have been plenty of times when I just felt like a complete outcast in my own environment, but I’m content because I’m being myself without a worry of what anyone else thinks.

If I bring up the word “Normal” it’s like what is normal? There are so many definitions of normal which are also sometimes determined by society. The real definition of normal is conforming to a standard, usual, typical, or expected. From reading that definition I realized that there is nothing normal about me haha. I’m not ashamed to express my weirdness, I’m letting you guys know what you’ve signed up for! To some the music that I listen to, the things that I’m interested in and how open I am to others is “weird”. It’s okay because I know I’m living up to myself 100% and that’s all I need.

When I talk to others, some say it’s not that easy. Well, my response to that is you’re right, but is your happiness worth sacrificing for someone else’s satisfaction. When you live to please others it only hurts. The more you live up to someone’s expectations, the more pain you inflict on yourself. I know because my mother always had this ideal image of what I’m supposed to be, but I would just fight against it. When I caved in I was truly miserable. Just because you’re not doing everything everyone else is doing, that doesn’t make you a bad person. I’m unique in many ways and so are you. You don’t have to accept me as I am and I’m not obligated to accept you as you are, but at the end of the day, the acceptance of yourself is what you should find. Remeber weirdos it’s not the fact that we’re weird, the world just doesn’t understand us.


I challenge you to share your story with me with #WeirdWorld

I Did It!!!



After four years of pain, tears, and late night study sessions I finally walked across the stage to receive my prize. It was truly a huge win for me because this is just one of the many prizes that is yet to come. Graduation day was very hard for me because I always imagined it being a special moment with my grandfather. The night before I had a dream about my grandpa looking at me dressed in my cap and gown on just telling me how proud he was of me. I cried so much in my sleep that I woke up to a damp pillow and a headache. Graduation day was miserable for me.

I asked my mom to do one thing for me and that was to get me to the ceremony on time because she is late for everything which is why I have a horrible attendance record. My counselor told us to be at the ceremony by 6:15 p.m. because we have to get our stuff and lined up before it starts at 7. My mom didn’t have me there until 6:50 because she didn’t have her clothes out and rushed to get ready when she has been up since 5:00 a.m. I don’t even live with her so she didn’t have to worry about me getting dressed, when she picked me up the only thing that wasn’t done was my makeup and that didn’t even take a long time.

I was so upset and I had to rush to get In the building before my class began to march. I was so focused on getting in the line that I didn’t notice my honors graduation stole was missing. On top of that I couldn’t find my gray forensics graduation cord that my coaches gave me. Each graduate that was on the forensics team received one which was only nine. My frustration and anxiety caught up with me so I cried in front of everyone just before we began to march. People were thinking that they were tears of joy, but they were really tears of pain. I really didn’t stop being angry until I received my diploma. Before I walked out to see my family, I realized that I had to pull myself together for myself and my family. If it wasn’t for my grandma taking me into her home and driving me to school everyday I wouldn’t have never made it across the stage. My mother never pushed me to be a scholar I did it on my own. She would be okay with just passing, I wanted more. I always go above and beyond because my grandparents showed me the light that I have inside myself. My own father didn’t even show up to my ceremony, but that didn’t surprise me.

The next day was my graduation party which was also a disaster. My dad showed up and acted like it was okay to miss his first-born walk across the stage. Then he started making excuses, that only made me even more mad. He said that no one told him or reminded him. The reason why I don’t like talking to my dad is because he makes everything about him. This entire year he hasn’t asked about any senior stuff or ways to get active because HE DOESN’T CARE! He didn’t ask about senior pinning, prom, or trips because HE DOESN’T CARE! I called him plenty of times on the phone to try to remind him about getting a ticket, but he didn’t answer the phone or return my calls, so I said forget it I’m not going to chase down anyone to love me. He didn’t offer to help with my senior dues, class field trips, or my graduation party because HE DOESN’T CARE! If he really cared about being there for me on graduation day he would have called or texted me back to verify the date just like he can write down on the calendar his wife’s birthday and his other kid’s birthday, he could have written my graduation day. But, he didn’t because HE DOESN’T CARE!

It didn’t stop there my mom put the icing on the cake. I went outside to show her the new soccer ball my friend had brought me and she responded with “What are you going to do with that, you don’t play soccer”. I responded by saying “You don’t know what I do, I haven’t lived with you for two years”. After that she just started talking all types of bad things about me at MY PARTY! A party to celebrate an accomplishment. My whole day was ruined and I cried myself to sleep because I couldn’t believe my mother sat in the yard and just said horrible things about me to my family. I was just relieved that my forensics coaches left before it happened. My mom talks about my writing because she doesn’t think I’m a good writer. I know I have a long way to go because I’m not a great writer, but I try. Do you know every time I post a poem her response is “What is it about?” She even talked about me working for taco bell after she dogged me out for not having a job. It’s just sad that being an honor roll student, having a 4.1 gpa, forensics broadcaster, 18-year-old virgin and a hard worker wasn’t worth one day on the calendar and a day to let me be happy.

The next day my mom was supposed to throw a party for me at her house, but I told her that I wasn’t coming because she ruined my graduation day and party. She said that they were going to still have the party without me being there. While I’m at work I received long paragraphs from my mom basically saying I’m stupid, I will regret turning my back on her, and that I’m jealous of her. That last one made me laugh so hard! I’m not jealous of anyone if anything I made our family look better, but I get treated like a disgrace.

It took a lot of strength and energy to write this post, but my reason is to show you how you can do anything. People will hate you, they will envy you, and they want to be you. Look at me, can you believe that someone like me came from parents like those two? I grind because I want to be the opposite of them. I walked across that stage for myself and grandpa, not for anyone’s approval. I’m proud of myself for making it this far and being brave enough to continue.



Movie Review: Wonder Woman


Good morning everyone I just made it in my house after seeing the new Wonder Woman movie and I have to say it is not what I thought it would be. It’s 2 a.m. and boy am I disappointed. through the last scenes of the movie I couldn’t shake the thought of writing an angry letter to DC and the producers of this movie. In the beginning of the movie I was okay because I love Wonder Woman’s back story of living in the lands where amazons rule and protect the world from the dangers of civilization and evil. I don’t want to go into too much detail because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet.  There were a few comedic moments between the characters which I thought was a great idea to collide with Wonder Woman’s intense personality, it brought a more light side to the deep drama. The only thing that really bothered me while watching this movie is that it wasn’t as graphic as I thought it would be. The fighting scenes were okay, but I felt like it could have been better. I was expecting to hear some bones snap, more powerful effects, and more than just making Wonder Woman act like a character standing for girl power. Just because the film is about a female super hero that doesn’t mean that the fights shouldn’t be more barbaric and messy, it’s the best part. I also noticed a lot of sexual references associated with the on-screen relationship that Wonder Woman has with Steve which also is humorous, but takes away from Wonder Woman’s dynamic character in my opinion. My expectations were different before I seen the movie. I thought that she would not trust men at all and that the male characters would have to work to earn her trust, but that wasn’t the case. Overall the movie wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t as great as my friends were making it seem. On a scale from 1-10 I would give this movie a 7.5.