*The best part about the holidays is having fun with your family, here are some activities to enjoy with your family.* Making Holiday Goodies!     Don't be afraid to get mess in the kitchen, have a great time by making some holiday god with your family. Letting your family help out on delicious treats... Continue Reading →


Thanksgiving is eight days away and you know what that means right? Food, Family, and fun, but more importantly being thankful..............and food. Here is a special detox beverage that I prepare for getting rid of my thanksgiving kangaroo pouch. This is the perfect drink after a long day of consuming alcoholic or nonalcoholic drinks, soda,... Continue Reading →

-  Me: I strongly believe that not everyone can make a great serving of macaroni. I can't speak for everyone and I know during thanksgiving you are suppose to give thanks to the cook, but there is some disastrous macaroni out there! I won't slave for hours over a hot stove and the macaroni is... Continue Reading →

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