I know I couldn't keep this from you guys forever and I’m sorry for spilling the beans so late. Last month something happened between me and my significant other that made me burst with joy. Austin got on one knee and proposed to me after five years of friendship and six months of dating. I know... Continue Reading →


Before I could love anyone the right way I had to love myself inside and out. If you asked what I really loved about myself, I would say my skin. Being a black woman is much more than just skin tone, its culture, its hair, it’s style, but it’s beautiful. Some black women aren’t so... Continue Reading →

Maya Angelou is one of the greatest poets in history. Her voice inspired others to fight through the tough times and claim victory despiste ethnic backgrounds, skin colors, and gender. Out of her eighty-six years of life she has gifted the world the art of literature through poetry, movies, plays, books, and appearances. Angelou’s stand... Continue Reading →

I know that in this day in age it is more common to see interracial couples together since we’re in 2018 now, but some people still frown upon two different races being together and that’s fine. We don’t live to be accepted, we love. I’ve heard many different stories from interracial couples, but I didn’t... Continue Reading →

Here is a list of anime shows that I watch from Netflix and Crunchyroll Naruto/ Naruto Shippuden DragonBall Super Attack On Titan   Castlevania                     Clockwork Planet                                                                                                                                                           //

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