Silence: By Kristian



Beer in the jar

ganja in your hand

feet deep into

warm malting sand.


Spontanious lyrics

bass guitar playing

everything is said

without even saying.


Moment touches art

art becomes magic

even if the end

turns out being tragic.


Smile continues

even if you scream

when you stay awake

you can live your dream.


Words are slowly drying

music still playing

sometimes you must listen

and say it without saying.

Chapter 6: Bounty of the Board


After making themselves presentable in the room’s ornate lavatory, the two boys descended the dark granite staircase as quickly as they could, in great anticipation. Laughter and much talk greeted them at the foot of the stairs, and they were led by a servant through the parlor and into a spacious dining room. The room was circular in shape; paneled with mahogany planks set with rubies, which sparkled in the light of a crystal chandelier. Brass lamps in the shape of twisting serpents entwined flickering candlesticks, holding them in place. These lamps studded the walls around the room, distributing their feeble rays towards the ceiling. The roof over their heads arched upward in a dome shape, and it was covered in gold stars with a blue velvet background, appearing to be the night sky. A chain hung down from the center of the dome, supporting the crystal chandelier. In…

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Calling All Teen Bloggers

OK, if you are teen, please read this and consider taking part in this. If you already have, spread the word to your friends and tell them that they should take part in it. If you are not a teen, spread the word to any blogger you know that may be a teen. I am […]

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Devoid Of Love By Chris Holman

the night falls without a sound, cold and alone are we.
the emotion for which you pray

flares once, then dies,
crushed by guilt.
all hope must not endure.
your heart beats no more.
how could you cause such hurt?
our dark emotions surround us, crying,
we have lost our way.
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For You Ms.Miles

Hey everybody, I hope your day is going well. I just found out that one of my fellow bloggers Ms.Miles is sick. Note that I call you Ms. Miles because I respect adults as a teenager and I have been raised to say Mr, Ms, Mrs and Sir or Mam. Anyway I wanted to show her love  because she is just a sweet woman and has a beautiful personality. I feel bad for her condition, but I will be praying. Much love Ms.Miles❤️