Discussion Question #51 What Sound Soothes Your Soul?


Me: The Violin

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Discussion Question #48 What do you classify yourself as in your school environment?


Choose one of the following:

A) Jock/Popular     D) Loner            G) Nice/Smiley       J) Obsessed( checks grades often)

B) Musical              E) Artistic           H) Sports Star        K) Know one really knows me

C) Nerd                   F) Jerk/Mean       I) Jokester              L) I’m just me it’s hard to explain


Me: I would answer, but I’d rather let you figure this one out.


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Discussion Question #47 Would You Rather Have A Job That You Hate But Pays A lot Of Money Or A Job That You Love But Pays Little?



Me: This really is a tough question for me. I know that I have responsibilities, but I wouldn’t go as far as choosing a career that I know I don’t like just to make a lot of money. I understand that I have to do what I have to do until I can do what I want to do. I wouldn’t put any career over the one that I love. I have my alternative choices that would still make me happy, but I won’t sacrifice my happiness for money.


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Discussion Question #46 What Do You Think We Could Do To Prevent Sexual Assault?

Me: Awarness is one of the biggest keys. Alot of people believe that this topic is too sensitive so it’s not touched on a lot. If we don’t raise awarness in a positive way then people will keep having the mindset of “It happend oh well”. Guess what? Sexual assault can happen to anyone. Put yourself in this frame. Imagine if it was your baby, your mother, your sister, your brother, or someone you truly care about. How would you feel? This is changing lives all over so lets put our heads together and create powerful solutions to this big problem. How would you prevent sexual assault?


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Discussion Question #45 Do you believe that love is stronger than hate?

Me: I do believe that love is stronger than any form of hate. I look at the interactions between people everyday I step outside and the act of love is soothing. When I think of love I gain hope. Maybe the world wouldn’t be the way it is if we could love each other as we are. I know some people think it’s unrealistic, but love builds and hate grows and grows until everything falls.


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Discussion Question #42 What Are Your Favorite Holiday Treats?

Me: I love warm chocolate chip cookies around the holiday. To me they just taste better during the winter. Along with the chocolate chip cookies, I like to sip a gingerbread Iced Capp from Tim Hortons. Drop your answerd in … Continue reading