Me: My first kiss was disgusting lol. I didn't have my first kiss until tenth grade with my first boyfriend that I really didn't like, but since everybody else had one I wanted one I guess. I have full lips so I guess he thought that gave him an invite to suck my whole face... Continue Reading →


Me: Ummmmmm.........I've never heard one it's just always "What's your name?" and "Can I get your number?". What's the worst pick up line you've ever heard? Drop your answers in the comments❤️ ~Arganise

Me: The main goal I want to accomplish this year is to have Pain Is Her Power published. I must say that I have worked extremely hard on this poetry collection. It took a lot of emotions, time, energy, and strength to get started, but my story must be told. I have to do this!... Continue Reading →

Discussion Question #52 What Are 3 Things You’re Looking Forward To This Fall?

  Me: Since fall is my favorite season, I made sure I worked extra hard in the summer so I can enjoy myself and use my vacation days. The first thing I'm looking forward to this fall is a trip to Cedar Point for Halloweekend. I've always wanted to go but never had the opportunity... Continue Reading →

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