Discussion Question #54 Which Counsel Do You Prefer PS4 Or Xbox One?

  Me: PS4   Which counsel do you prefer? Drop your answer in the comments ~Arganise


Discussion Question #52 What Are 3 Things You’re Looking Forward To This Fall?

  Me: Since fall is my favorite season, I made sure I worked extra hard in the summer so I can enjoy myself and use my vacation days. The first thing I'm looking forward to this fall is a trip to Cedar Point for Halloweekend. I've always wanted to go but never had the opportunity... Continue Reading →

Discussion Question #48 What do you classify yourself as in your school environment?

Choose one of the following: A) Jock/Popular     D) Loner            G) Nice/Smiley       J) Obsessed( checks grades often) B) Musical              E) Artistic           H) Sports Star        K) Know one really knows me C) Nerd                   F) Jerk/Mean       I) Jokester              L) I'm just me it's hard to explain   Me: I would answer, but I'd rather let you figure this one out. ~Arganise Drop your answers... Continue Reading →

Discussion Question #47 Would You Rather Have A Job That You Hate But Pays A lot Of Money Or A Job That You Love But Pays Little?

  Me: This really is a tough question for me. I know that I have responsibilities, but I wouldn't go as far as choosing a career that I know I don't like just to make a lot of money. I understand that I have to do what I have to do until I can do... Continue Reading →

Discussion Question #46 What Do You Think We Could Do To Prevent Sexual Assault?

Me: Awarness is one of the biggest keys. Alot of people believe that this topic is too sensitive so it's not touched on a lot. If we don't raise awarness in a positive way then people will keep having the mindset of "It happend oh well". Guess what? Sexual assault can happen to anyone. Put... Continue Reading →

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