How I Met Ashton Irwin Par,t 1 (A Fan Fiction)

ASHTON IRWIN BLOG POST“Welcome to the 2009 Drum Rumble Contest!”. Backstage I was a nervous wreck my hands are shaking, palms sweating, and boots tapping to a triumphant beat. Hearing the crowd screaming and clapping made me even more nervous I have never performed in front of so many people before. I looked around and so far I am the only female drummer in this contest.
The boys are practicing and chatting while I sat on a stool in the corner with my drumsticks in my pocket. I need to get focused and quick because I really need that two thousand dollar cash reward to help my mother out with bills, food, and a new car for me. My job doesn’t pay too well money to go fast and I’m less fortunate than everyone in this room. Standing up from the stool I walked to the restroom.

I stared in the mirror for a few minutes saying to myself ” You can do this”. Tossing my long black curly hair out of my face I pulled out my drumsticks and tapped on the marble sink. After I came out of the bathroom, I noticed one of the boys was sitting on the stool that I was sitting in. There were no other empty seats and I guess these guys are no gentlemen or intimidated by me but, I don’t care. So I just leaned against the wall until the host started to call drummers.

I didn’t face the boys because I wanted to be left alone. Suddenly they all started to get louder and I could hear the sound of high fives so I turned my head a little. ” Well, if it isn’t Ashton Irwin what’s up man?”. “You’re in the contest?”. ” You know it guys I’m ready”.

Looking at him, he was by far the most attractive guy in the room. He wore a bandana around his soft brown curly hair, a red tank top, and jeans. I think he might have caught me looking at him because he looked my way. Ashton talked to his fellow drummer friends, then looked around the room and didn’t like what he saw. ” Hey guys, what’s wrong with you letting a lady stand up?”.

They were all looking confused as if they forgot that I was even there. The guy that sat in my came over and asked if I wanted to sit. ” No, I’m fine, thank you”. The entire backstage was quiet the only thing you could hear was the crowd cheering.

Still leaning against the wall I hear footsteps getting closer to me. ” Female drummer huh?”. I made a guess that it was Ashton from the sound of his sexy accent and he smelled like expensive cologne. Then I turned around my back and looked at him. ” Yeah do you have a problem with that?”. ” Oh no no no, I’m impressed”. “You won’t really be impressed until I win”. “Ohhhhhhh”. All the boys said. Another boy stood up from his seat and said “Don’t worry about her ash we don’t take girl drummers serious around here, you should put those sticks down and make us a sandwich?”.

Everyone laughed at his cheesy joke, except for me and Ashton which I thought was very mature so he might not be an idiot like the rest of them. “Hey, cut it out guys she has every right to play just like we do”. The boy just sat down and cut his eyes at me. “I really don’t care if I’m a target I came for one thing and one thing only”. Then I pulled out my drumsticks and held them high. I can see the Ashton smirking while the rest of them were silent.

Ashton got closer to me, inside I was melting like butter for him. “You seem like a cool girl what is your name?”. Oh my gosh, I love to hear him talk, his voice sends numerous waves up my body. “My name is Secilia”. Those eyes I could just look into all day, they make me want to tackle him.” That’s a beautiful name, my name is…”. “Ashton right?”. I feel stupid for saying his name before he could I’m such a dork.

He just stood and smiled, I love how I could see my reflection in his flawless smile. I will remain tough and not focus on him, boys really know how to toy with my mind.” Well Selicia I wish you luck I can’t wait to see how you play”. “Luck is for losers”. I turned my back to him with a little attitude.

Finally the host started to call out the drummers. Watching all the drummers play I started to get nervous and bit my poorly manicured fingernails. I’m assuming that I will be last because everyone else went and he called Ashton next. The boys all cheered for Ashton behind the curtains. The crowd in front of the stage cheered for him even louder. Curious about what made him legendary I stood close by the stage and pulled the curtains back. He was siting on a wooden stool with his drumsticks in his hands ready to play. The spotlight shined on his beautiful skin, creating a beautiful glow. He hit his sticks together three times” 1, 2, 3″ and began to play a rocking solo. I like the movement of his hair with every beat. The more I watched, the more nervous I got he is amazing. In my mind I knew it would be hard to beat him. Just when I had a little hope it went away watching his performance.

I am going to prove to those judges that I am the best. The host finally called my name and it shook me up. Instantly I got focused and walked on stage. I tried my best to not show how nervous I really am and bring out my confidence. The crowd cheered for me so I smiled and waved. Tonight I make history as the first female drummer to ever enter this contest.

If I win not only will I be able to get the money, but also the bragging rights to call myself the best. Planting my butt on the stool firmly, I closed my eyes, and raised my sticks. I could feel the spotlight beam on me. When the room was quiet I began to play a solo I made up. Twisting and turning in my stomach adrenaline shot through me when the crowd’s volume raised louder than my drums. It motivated me to play even better until the twist and turns stopped.

When I got up sweat hit the floor and when I looked around everyone was out of their seats. A standing ovation for me. After thanking the crowd I walked backstage, one of the crew members handed me a water bottle and towel. All the boys had a stupid look on their face. It was a combination of amaze and jealousy.

Out of no where one of the boys started clapping and then everyone joined in. Extremely excited in my head I thought “Really the slow clap?”. It was the nicest thing they have ever done since I got here.Then Ashton came up to me.”Wow you was amazing out there, where did you learn how to play like that? Wait don’t tell me you have an instructor that gives you private lessons, ummmm your dad is a rockstar”. ” How about none of those I never Learned how to play or read music, I grew up in rock and roll.

For Christmas I got one gift that I really wanted, a drum set I practiced everyday since I was eight years old. Now I can’t live without my sticks”.”I was going to say that next.” he said shyly. It’s so cute how he acts when he is nervous. “But, that was great, I think you are the best drummer amongst all of us”.” But, you was better”. I noticed after my performances I gained the respect of all the male drummers.

We smiled at each other and waited as the host called each drummer up to the stage.” Ashton Irwin”. He came out modeling his signature smile, then he took his bandana off ad threw it into the crowd.” And finally Selicia!” I loved walking back onstage to hear the crowd cheer for me loudly, I couldn’t stop smiling. On stage I felt special and I didn’t want it to go away. The judges were seated in the corner of the stage finalizing their votes. Finally they handed the winner’s name to the host.” The time has come audience and drummers I have the winner. Drumroll please”. The sound of a drumroll played and colored spotlights flickered on each one of us.

I closed my eyes and squeezed my hands together anxiously.” The winner is……”. God please I really hope I win.” Ashton Irwin, you have won the two-thousand dollar cash prize!” Everyone cheered and the drummers clapped while I stomped off the stage. In rage I grabbed my things and exited the building.

In the parking lot I can hear foot steps following me.” Selicia!” I knew it was Ashton but, I ignored him and continued to search for my car.” Selicia!” He wouldn’t give up. I hurried to my gray 2008 Ford Mustang that’s barley staying together.” Selicia wait!” I stopped at my door and turned to face his adorably annoying face.” What?”.” I just wanted to say you were amazing tonight and that I really thought you deserved to win. I didn’t want to unleash my anger usually I’m not this salty but, tonight was important to me.” Again thanks but, obviously the judges didn’t so it doesn’t matter”.

Frustration filled me up. I got in my car while Ashton stood their staring at me. My car wouldn’t start up and I’m ready to get out of here.” Just my luck”. So angry I beat the steering wheel and let my head hang. Shockingly Ashton got in the car with me.” Are you out of gas?”
“I filled up the tank before I got here”.

He got out the passenger side and opened the hood to see the inside. “What is he doing?” ” Selicia start it up again”. I lifted my head and started the car again. It still wouldn’t start.” Mhm here is the problem your engine is threw, this car isn’t going anywhere”.

This day just went from bad to worse. Then he got back in the car with me.” I would love to take you home until someone comes to get your car.” No it’s fine you can go home I can handle myself.” Are you sure?” “I’m positive goodnight”.

I watched him walk to his car. He pulled back around next to me in his midnight black camry.” Are you sure you don’t want me to stay with you?” “I’m sure”.” Okay we’ll be safe Selicia I hope I get to see your beautiful face again”. Then he pulled off, I just sat in my seat and dove into a deep thought. I only have ten dollars in my pocket so there is no way a cab will take me home.

I’m just out of luck so I grabbed a fleece blanket out of the trunk. Stretching my long body across the backseat I felt crammed. Laying down trying to fall asleep was hard because I could hear everyone in the parking lot getting into their vehicles leaving. The most annoying sound is a car alarm going off. It’s going to be a long night.


To Love Or Not At All

These hallow walls are filled with my screams, they screamed back at me. No windows and no light insight. I cant breathe in here. The air thick, dust everywhere, and nothing is clean. My tears mop the floors, my skin dust these corners, and my hair is the trash can. When the doors open, I’m kicked like a dog. A dog gets tired of getting kicked. I have to lick water from a bowl as he demands me to or I will be dragged and drowned. It’s rare that I actually get to eat more than one time a day. Bread crumbs are on the floor for me and the rats to feast on. I’m not allowed to use an actual toilet. My leavings are left here where I have to lay my head with no pillow or blanket. Flies surround me like my family once did. I have no leash, but I get tied down. At night I have to squirm to one corner for protection. I’m filthy with no help in this dark place. What kind of love is this?


Out Of His Playbook

I knew this day would come, I felt it. His lies, oh his lies, I can smell them before he speaks. How he preps to lie makes me heat up inside. “ I have to work late” he says. “ She’s just my co-worker” he says. Well, isn’t this a delight to catch both of them in action for myself. He was nothing before he had me. No job, no car, no money, no home. I fell in love with a bum and now he decides to put me on the sidelines. Little does he know that It was me all along who built this castle we live in, I run this! Okay Mr. Big and bad If you’re going to treat me like toilet paper, then I’m going to use you like a feminine wipe. I walked up my spiral staircase into the master bedroom. His suits and papers were all over the floor along with restaurant bills that he has never taken me to before. Underneath the bed I reached for a black briefcase that I stashed three years into our marriage. I never thought It would come to  this, but since it did, it’s time to let him know who I really am.

Later that day

“Baby I’m home” he screamed. The spacious was house so quiet that his voice echoed. He started for the staircase, but before he could, POP! His wife fired her gun at the chandelier that hung by the staircase. He moved away just in time before it could crush his skull. The chandelier shattered on the floor creating a glass path. She slowly moved towards him pointing the gun at him. Her furry eyes matched the leather black body suit that made her look like cat woman.

“Woman have you lost your mind?” he said in fear.

“ No, actually I’ve received  a lot of sense after being married to you for thirteen years, See you think I’m dumb. Do you see what I have In my hand? This lets you know how far from dumb I really am. Now walk to the living room we’re going to watch a movie.”

“A movie?”He asked.

“Do you really want to question me right now? I can put about four or five bullets in you right now so move!”

Her husband walked to the living room while his wife walked behind him with the gun aimed at his bald skull.

“Sit down on the couch” She said firmly.He sat down and sunk into the couch with relief that she put her hand gun down on the table.  She turned the flat screen TV on and pressed the play button. He covered his face of shame while watching the video. She stood in a powerful pose with tears running down her eyes still frowning. As each scene played she grew more anger. More tears fell, then she picked up the remote to press pause.

“Do you see what I see? A homemade film starring my husband and the office jump off! Look at this, did you enjoy that? Huh? Answer me!

“Baby I,,,,,,”

“Shut up!” Don’t baby me. I’m not your baby.

You was calling her baby right? Yeah.You know what? You don’t ever have to worry about me being your baby, your honey, your bae, or your wife because I clearly don’t mean anything to you.

You disrespected me in my own home with the trash that wasn’t even with you from the beginning. I loved you unconditionally.We are over,”

Recovered Writing: Meditation Exercise #2

Before: As much as I realize how much older I’m getting I want to work  even more harder. I set goals for myself to what I think could make me a better person and make a bright future. I think about homeschooling, how it’s something I really don’t want to do and how it can effect my mom and family dramatically than being in school. I’ve decided I wanted to prove myself not for others, but for the pride and dignity I have within myself. If I go back to Findlay High School I would want to come back stronger than ever, ready for whatever bullet comes my way.

After: I till thought about the two more months until my birthday. The more that I think, the more I feel like I need to do. I’m coming back with a plan, not a worry, a clear mind with God in my corner. I know what lifestyle I want and what I have to do to get it. I had a great vacation in Baltimore, but it’s time to get back in the game. It seems like the days go by so fast now and I’m losing time. I have to use every second of my life before it’s gone


Written By: Arganise Campbell-Nash

The Woman In His Jeans

Orlando Lanson the big time detective, successor, and major player. Outside on the balcony of his penthouse he stood with thoughts caught in traffic about his wife Dana who he has been happily married to for ten years and has three children with. His blonde lover slis her hands through his arms from behind to embrace his muscular figure.”Good morning” she says as she plants a kiss on his back. Orlando turns to her standing there wearing a small tank top and the same black lace panties he peeled off of her the night before.”Come relax in bed with me, I’m lonely“.she said. He just ignored her and started to the bedroom. Eager to beat him there she ran in front of him just to lay on the bed patiently. When he made it to the room, he searched for his jeans out of the pile of scattered clothes on the floor. As he pulled his jeans up to his waist she began to kiss him deeply, but he didnt kiss her back.”What’s wrong? Don’t you love me?”. He moved her hands off of his body.”No I don’t”. He aid coldly. Orlando walked out of the room leaving her there angry and disappointed.”You told me you loved me Orlando. We have been together”. she said whiningly.”Let’s get one thing straight, we were never together. I call when I want sex and afterwards we go our separate ways. 


Written By: Arganise Campbell-Nash

From A Failure To Fearless

From Failure To Fearless

Growing up through the good, bad, and ugly, all I wanted is a better life for myself. Being set aside like leftovers and feeling the gravel while wearing shoes for awhile was apart of my reconstruction from a failure to fearless.

The root to my failure occurred when i was seven years old . I remember my little body
getting hot like Tabasco sauce, my palms sweating, and my heart racing every time I was called up to the blackboard. The fear of embarrassment took over me because I knew while I was in school, I wasn’t one-hundred percent there. My head hung and my attention was on everything except the teacher. I felt dumb and numb every time I walked through the doors. For a long time I believed that it was all I could ever be, but my life changed. At home I wasn’t taught that school was important or that I had to do my homework before I go outside to play. For that reason, I did whatever I wanted to do and didn’t have a care in the world. I didn’t know that I was failing in school so badly until, my mom showed me a report card full of F’s. I already knew that I wasn’t the brightest lamp, but inside I felt dead. My parents didn’t care, so I didn’t care.

Although I didn’t believe that it was my fault for a horrifying report card, I was still grounded. My mother made me stay in my room while my brother and sister went outside to play. I cried like a baby and looked outside of my bedroom window to see older boys fighting, cars speeding down the streets, and girls switching while they flaunted their bodies. Right there was my brother and sister in the center of it all. That’s when I found out that I could be more than what I saw outside of my window. I vowed to be a better sister, woman, and leader for myself and others who feel like they can’t be anything than what they are surrounded by. In order to do that I had to stop sulking in the shell of fear and failure to go above and beyond my potential.

Finally, I gathered myself together as I got older because I grew more angry at the fact that no one was there for me. Eventually I turned that anger into determination. I get up, go to school, and get good grades because failure is no longer an option for me. It’s okay to fail, but that doesn’t mean I have to accept myself as a failure. No longer will will I make excuses for my downfalls, I’ve learned to turn my pain into power. If I can go through years of misery for a bright future, than I can do anything I put my mind to.

Now I can walk with pride knowing whenever I fall, I will not stay down. No longer will I
ever have to live with a mindset that imprisoned my capabilities. I freed myself from all of the negativity that held me back. Those who say what I can’t do, I always end up doing it. My failure made me fearless.

Recovered Writing: Meditation Exercise #1

Before: As much as I realize how much older I’m getting I want to work  even more harder. I set goals for myself to what I think could make me a better person and make a bright future. I think about homeschooling, how it’s something I really don’t want to do and how it can effect my mom and family dramatically than being in school. I’ve decided I wanted to prove myself not for others, but for the pride and dignity I have within myself. If I go back to Findlay High School I would want to come back stronger than ever, ready for whatever bullet comes my way.

After: I till thought about the two more months until my birthday. The more that I think, the more I feel like I need to do. I’m coming back with a plan, not a worry, a clear mind with God in my corner. I know what lifestyle I want and what I have to do to get it. I had a great vacation in Baltimore, but it’s time to get back in the game. It seems like the days go by so fast now and I’m losing time. I have to use every second of my life before it’s gone.


Written By: Arganise Campbell-Nash

Imagine Her

I look into her eyes and see my future and it’s all there. My future home where we will raise our future children and leave to my future career. Never have I ever thought I could ever deserve a woman this good. Tonight is the best night of my life and I hope it’s her’s too.The stars are aligned in rows of three. The whips her hair over my shoulders. I hold her like a teddy bear and love her like a husband should love his wife, correctly. When I’m with her it’s like the whole world stops and my world is no longer when I’m looking at her. She’s gold and I am just copper. I don’t even know how a guy like me could get so attached to just one girl when all of my life I’ve run through women like a race. She doesn’t even know what I’ve done and quite frankly I don’t want her to because I won’t ever have a moment like this again. A man like me deserves to be alone. I don’t know how to love, but my soul cries out for her. Only her.

Written By: Arganise Campbell-Nash

My Biggest Pet Peeve

Everyone has one or more sound, action, or what not that just sets them off. Minor or major up just know you do not want to see, hear, or do it. It can give you a hot spot on the Koo-Koo train. My first pet peeve is gum on the ground, on the tables, just everywhere except the trash or in someone’s mouth. It disgusts me when I walk down the halls of my school and step in some old dirty gum or when I have a brand new pair of shoes it really upsets me. Does it really hurt to spit gum out in the trash or privately put it back in the wrapper? It really gets under my skin when gums is stuck under the table. I remember the day when my friend and I went to Wendy’s after school. We sat down at a table to eat her food, but she dropped her phone under the table. She went under the table to get it but accidentally hit her head under the table. She screamed, “I can’t move my head!” I had to get up from my seat to help her, do I pulled her chair back and gently removed her head from the table.When I finally got her head unstuck I instantly noticed a small bald spot at the top of her head and a thick lock of strawberry blond hair attached to a piece of gum. What a day that was.


Exclusive Recovered Road Diaries

*Originally written on July 30, 2014

I woke up on my side uncomfortable because my shirt and shorts were damp from MJ’s urine. After he and jalina got out of the bathtub, I took a nice soak. As I washed the scent off of me and cleaned, I began to think. As usual, my mind is always all over the place. I thought a lot about how this new life on the road was going to change everything for me. I’m away from my friends and family, my mother didn’t even let us say our last farewells to the people in Findlay.
If I knew that was going to be the last time I could see my aunt, I would have said more then “We are coming home tomorrow, so see you then”. I wish my mom would have told her, but dealing with my mom I have to find the positive in everything. I thought about how fun it’s going to be visiting different places, after all, I want to be a travel nurse. I can get a little taste of what traveling is like, but I wanted to be a travel nurse because I want to get away from everyone. The not too far way that’s why I would buy houses is different states so that I can have a connection to my family or when they are down they will have somewhere to stay. I wanted to stay away so that I can live my life freely.
I want to get away so that I won’t have to be treated like a mistake. The older I get, the more problem come. So no one can give me problems and I won’t be a problem to no one else. I can’t stand strong when she takes me down. Telling me what I can’t do, how dumb I am, and how I’m just like daddy. When someone says hateful things to me, I have to really show them who I am and how I am none of those things.