The Monster In Disguise

As I look towards the hills, I seek help
Then I see the monster in disguise coming with mischief clutched in his hands
Evil in his eyes with a smile no one can match
He pays a visit in my times of need, but I decline all bearing gifts
He is not my help
He says look at the hills
I look very closely
He came from the pits


She The Desirable

She sashays to the bar across the room
While sitting she lifts a naked leg to catch the dreamer boy’s eyes
She licks her glossy lips
The nerves in his body dance at the night
She the desirable
That could send a man to hell
She recognizes a wedding ring miles away without a care
Her hour glass body is a weapon
His eyes slip inside the base of her cleavage, only wanting to go lower
The way that dress hugs her thunder thighs makes a man turn into a beast
Such a desire
She the desirable had a shared a cocktail or two with a starving man
He rented her for the night and feasted in her home
The next day the man’s belly was full and returned home to no wife and no kids
His ring
His life
She the desirable knows exactly what to do
And the next day she will feed another

Be A Trophy

I call myself a trophy because I represent achievement and god’s glory
That he can bring me out of anything
I like to think of myself as one of his many trophies
As a display of prestige and honor
Of course everything that has glitters isn’t gold
I have my roughness and dark corners
I like to think of myself as a trophy because everyone is looking at me
I like to think of myself as a trophy because I am one

Listen To Your Child

Listen to your child
When she cries to you
Your child will get angry because you didn’t believe
You called it a lie because you didn’t want to sleep alone
The same man that is laying in your bed at night is playing in her panties when you’re not looking
It doesn’t take boobs and butt for a man to want you
A young body tampered with by a dirty bastard
She can’t sleep because she is waiting for her door to crack open
She cries and screams because he won’t stop
You let him enter
He can wake up to a nice breakfast and run with her innocence
Her body was explored because you didn’t listen
It only takes that one time to change that little girl’s life forever
Listen to your child

I Rather Not Complain

I rather not complain

I may not have everything, but I don’t want to complain

I rather not complain

I may have lost hours of sleep and nothing to eat, but I don’t want to complain

I rather not complain

I’ve been let down by people, but I don’t want to complain

I rather not complain

A minimum wage job two days out of the week to make ends meet won’t do a damn thing, still I don’t want to complain

I rather not complain

I couldn’t live a normal teenage life because I was twenty years old in the head of a twelve year old body, but I didn’t complain

I don’t want to

I won’t





Daddy’s Ghost

Father who is suppose to be my father

Why aren’t you being a father to me?

Our relationship, if you’re familiar has vacated

I use to be a daddy’s girl now I’m daddy’s ghost

You don’t see me

Daddy, I’m you’re child

I can never tell

I can’t lie, sometimes I’m not so proud

I know why you did it, but you shouldn’t take it out on me

Grandpa is gone so who do I have now?

Daddy’s ghost doesn’t need anything

Daddy’s ghost doesn’t need your support

Daddy’s ghost doesn’t need you in her life because she is use to not having you

Until you learn how to grow, her spirit will be with you

She will be missing

And you will be left out




The Poet That Lies

Don’t date a poet that lies

You will cry

You will hurt

You will regret dating the poet that lies

The poet with broken lines

The poet with lying lusty stanzas

The poet that lies about being a poet

You will believe

You will indulge in despair

If you fall in love with that poet…..

Good luck to you, you’ve been warned


Take Me To Church

Take me to church to feel god

Breathe him in

Hear his word

Feel his ghost

Take me to church so that I can pray in his house

Some pray and some play

Take me to church to be in the heavy presence of my holy father

I want to know him for myself

Take me to church

Oh how I love the sounds of the spirituals

My soul pouring

Take me to church so that I can present myself as his daughter


Snakes and Flowers

I thought that the snakes in the grass were evil, but it’s the flowers too

The best poison is bittersweet

Sweet sweet devotion captured my attention

I thought just the snake had it out for me, turns out the flowers do too

I can smell

Snake skin and flowers

I can see

Snake skin and flowers

The flower can be a snake


I am a black woman

I am a black woman

But being a black woman is more than what you think

Do you think nappy, kinky, or curly hair?


I am a black woman with gratitude

I’m thankful for being here with the freedom to do whatever the hell I want

I’m thankful for opportunities

I am a black woman

I’m tired of people telling me, “You can’t do that it’s never been done.”

Anything is possible

I’m tired of people telling me I can’t wear this hairstyle

It’s too black

I’m tired of having to take the man’s place

When these boys don’t want to man up

I am a black woman

I appreciate all colors

I love even when someone can’t love me back

I’ll feed you

I will give you the clothes off of my back just to see you happy

I’m a black woman

An 18 year old black woman

Mighty proud and not ashamed for who I am

Love me or hate me

I am a black woman