* Ladies are you with me? Mother nature is knocking at your lady door leaving a surprise at the doorstep. Some women's body react differently when that time of the month comes, but I know what it’s like to get the wrath of mother nature. I’m talking about more than just physical pain. Just a... Continue Reading →


these are tips and strategies that I've personally performed when it was my time to take the SAT. For those who have test anxiety like I have or simply just want to do a great job on the SAT this is for you. Remember to do your best and the results will do the talking.

5 Seconds Of Summer Possible Third Album Release In 2017?

    Will 5SOS come back with a third album better than "Sounds good feels Feels good"? I really hope, rumors and 5SOS teases a possible third album from the talented group this year. In a video posted by Michael Clifford on twitter, he says "We just want you to know were still alive". That... Continue Reading →

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